The Artrix Story

The Artrix Story

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What is Artrix?

Dara Frank the artist, and Fonzie the catMy Name is Dara Frank, and I am the owner and artist of the Artrix and the Artrix Studio was previously called  It was an e-commerce occult shop based in Canada.

While still based in Canada, and relatively new, Artrix seeks to broaden our community by offering more divine-femme inspired handcrafted, jewelry, along with previously offered ritual tools for my loyal witch and pagan customers.

From ritual tools and supplies, to accessories to accentuate your witch-style, aims to bring that to our loyal witch and pagan customers. 

Why Rebrand as Artrix?

"Art" means "Earth" in Maltese. I am taking liberties, because it would be correctly written as "ta l'art" in Maltese. Which I think translates into "the Earth". My Maltese friends and family, please don't "@ me" - as the kids say. :)

As a Maltese descendant, born in Canada, I wanted to bring my own ancestry and culture into my work as an artist. Malta boasts some of the oldest goddess temples in the world, but there is very little left to tell us about who built them. Still, we do know that Malta was a centre for goddess worship before the crusades. As an artist I wanted to connect with that

Although I have rebranded the store as Artrix, I will still carry an Occultrix Collection for my goddexx (goddess) and occult inspired jewelry and print designs.

As an artist, Buddhist and a witch, I often channel my artistic talent into items I can use for my ritual practice such as: wands, candles, talismans, and so forth. These can be intricate and wearable works of art, with hidden meaning and intention for the wearer. That was the inspiration for Occultrix. I wanted to open up that experience to more people by creating an art experience inspired by the occult, rather than an occult experience inspired by art. It's a change that I hope will broaden the community to give more people a chance to add a little bit of divine femme magic into their lives

Medium & Mentorship

When I first discovered metal clay, I fell in love with this medium. After two years of  trying to get my studio set-up for metal clay production - it's finally coming together! With the mentorship of metal clay artist and jewelry designer, Elizabeth Reynolds, I have developed a small portfolio. I am so proud to be offering my own goddexx-inspired artwork and designs in jewelry, prints, along with some select items for your home and ritual use. 


Art, Ritual & Magic

I have added more products to my collections, from suppliers that have quality occult-related items. I draw upon my own experiences, but I also listen to my community, and try to source items that are unique and relevant.

My own practices are mostly "Ceremonial Hedgewitch Buddhist", so my store will reflect that mash-up of belief systems. 

If you have any questions, or ideas, or products you would like to see here, or a custom design request, please feel free to contact me at 


What's Next?

As our inventory expands, I hope to include more of my own occult-themed graphic designs to journals, teeshirts, blankets, mugs, and other items I see in daily life that needs some witching-up! My exclusive designs will slowly become available.